Why move to a datacenter solution?

One of the main reasons is to have a scalable operational expenditure rather than a perpetual increase in your capital expenses by building, owning and operating your own datacenter.

Space for Lease

If your business requires flexible and scalable datacenter space, then our primary datacenter, DC1, has a solution. Contact us for information about available floor, cage, and rack space.


Our global datacenter, DC1, offers a world class colocation facility. However, the physical characteristics of a colocation are just the start. We take pride in the operation of our facility and how we treat our long-term clients. It is important for us to form partnerships and to understand our client’s needs as their business and technical operations grow.

Datacenter as a Service

We offer best-in-class data center services. If your business has outgrown its physical space and can no longer provide the correct power and cooling for equipment, or you do not have an experienced IT staff, it may be time to consider outsourcing a portion or all of your datacenter needs.