Data Center

Alpha Technologies, a service disabled veteran owned small business (SDVOSB), is a World Class IT Organization that offers Federal and commercial clients leading edge solutions for all their IT needs. Our flagship data center, DC1, is a state-of-the-art data center facility that offers dual redundant commercial power feeds, lowest power cost per kWh in the region and multiple telecommunication service providers with diverse paths into DC1. DC1 is strategically located within 15 minutes of the Yeager International Airport and is adjacent to 3 major interstate highways.

Our Data Center Services


Who has access to the building?

Only authorized personnel that have been approved and issued an identification card are allowed to enter the data center facility. Access to the building is controlled by 24x7 security along with electronic card access control systems. For our Federal clients, we have complete audit capability. All security requirements can be met based on contract specific requirements.

How is data protected?

With multiple layers of physical security from 24x7 security guards, video surveillance, and access control systems, computer systems housed at the data center and the data contained within the facility are kept secure at all times.

How many power sources are available, in case of a service interruption?

Our data-center receives power from redundant power connections to different power grids which provide highly reliable electrical service. In the event that commercial service is interrupted, onsite UPS systems coupled with a redundant diesel generating plant provide uninterrupted power until commercial service is restored.

How does the data center react to hardware issues?

Critical systems at the datacenter are redundant, ensuring that service remains available at all times. In the event that a hardware component fails, the load can be re-allocated to other components within the system.

How secure is the data center from a fire?

Our data center is protected by a primary gas (Halon) based fire suppression system, backed up by a dual-action dry pipe water based sprinkler system should the gas based system not adequately contain a fire.

What if a natural disaster strikes the area?

West Virginia is the ideal data center location with a low occurrence rate of significant natural disaster events. But in the rare event that one does strike our area, the datacenter is contained within a reinforced structure, located well above the flood plain, and has the ability to generate its own power for an extended period of time to ensure that critical services are not interrupted.