Managed Services

With Alpha Technologies’ managed services you can focus on running your business instead of running your technology. We provide turn-key technology management and supplement your team to ensure business technology remains an asset, instead of a burden.

The Cloud

Let us be your guide to THE CLOUD. Our cloud services are designed to provide easy, scalable access to applications and resources. Our cloud service can dynamically scale to meet the needs of your business, and because the service provider supplies the necessary hardware and software, there’s no need for your business to provision or deploy its own resources or allocate staff to manage cloud services.

To Learn More about our Cloud for Business options download this free guide “5 Critical Facts Every Business Owner Must Know Before Moving Their Business To The Cloud”.

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Virus Protection

Slow Computer Driving You Crazy?

Slow PCs, screen freezes, error messages and things not working right in general are EXTREMELY frustrating.  One of the main causes of these problems are Spyware, viruses and other malware secretly installed on your machine. We say “secretly” because most users don’t realize their computer is infected until it’s too late.

ii. Most viruses and malware programs circulating on the Internet today are well designed, highly sophisticated programs that install themselves and work in the background, undetected – and often the only sign you’ve been compromised is slow performance. We offer Virus Protection Services to help guard your business from these types of attacks.

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Application Hosting

Keeping up with your business applications can be both difficult and time consuming. Constant updates, backups, and dealing with issues that pop up take time away from running your business. Alpha Technologies provides a solution to host your business applications. Run your applications on our servers, or yours. We can provide a customized solution to meet your business needs.

Help Desk

Let us be YOUR HELP DESK for YOUR BUSINESS and have availability 24/7/365 for YOUR CLIENTS.

Desktop Virtualization

How many individual computers does your business have to maintain? A virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) can provide you with an environment that is much easier to manage and you longer have to maintain each individual computer. Let Alpha Technologies guide you through your unique business requirements to see if a VDI solution is right for you!

Remote Management

Don’t wait until problems occur to call for help. Alpha’s remote management service provides a proactive approach to technology management. Our remote agents monitor the operation of your computers and network to ensure everything is working smoothly. In most cases, potential problems are identified and can be corrected before they cause a problem for your business that results in lost revenue.