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Privacy Policy

Alpha Technologies takes the privacy and security of its visitors and customers very seriously.

In fact we purposely keep our privacy policy simple and straightforward.

Alpha Technologies DOES NOT:

  • Sell your information to any third party
  • Share your information with a third party (unless sharing the information is necessary to properly respond to your inquiry)
  • Send unsolicited "spam" messages to your email address
  • Contact you unnecessarily unless you need our help
  • Collect "Cookies" for purposes not directly related to your inquiry

Alpha Technologies DOES:

  • Only use the information you provide as necessary to respond to your inquiry
  • Respect your privacy as a consumer of our website
  • Send the occasional newsletter, flier, or coupon, but only if you choose to "opt in". There is always an "opt out" button at the bottom of the newsletter
  • Use commercially reasonable efforts to protect your information

Thanks for choosing Alpha Technologies. We respect your privacy.